A downloadable game for Windows

Magnolia Sky Couriers

Entry for #Myfirstgamejam

Magnolia Sky Couriers is a strategy simulation game where you take control of a airship crew delivering cargo, fighting off hostiles while keeping your ship and cargo intact!

The game is playable, but still remains experimental in terms of concept. We hope you enjoy playing the game!


  • 1 playable level.
  • Difficulty settings which amps the challenge!

Install instructions

Once the ZIP file is downloaded, right click on it and choose "Extract all." Choose where you would like the game file to be located and extract the file there.

Then just double click on the 'MagnoliaSkyCouriers.exe' ,click on play, and have fun!


  • Note: An additional png file is added, explaining what is the function of each ship facility. Hope it helps!
  • Game is best played on 1280 x 720 (full screen un-tested)
  • Left mouse click to select the crew and click on where you would like to move the crew to.
  • In-game instructions are located in the title screen. Refer to them to know more about the game actions
  • Have fun with the game!


MagnoliaSkyCouriers_WINDOWS.zip 11 MB
FacilityOverview.png 128 kB


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This game is so cool ! I enjoyed it ! I'm sad because it's very short but I hope you'll continue ! Thank you for this game ! x)

Here is my gameplay:

Hi Break2fast,

Thanks for playing the game. Glad to hear you liked it!

I do have plans on continuing on this project in the near future, so stay tuned!